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More than a decade has passed since the housing crisis began.  Did Technology play a role in the unlawful foreclosures and evictions that spread through urban American like wildfire?   
Watch for our upcoming articles on the role of technology, prior to, during, in the aftermath, and perhaps to the present day,  of the
  housing crisis.  

Posted March 14, 2016             
Medium:  IT Art                      
                                        Digital/Photographic Aritist:  Ms Crystal S Brown         

All four (4) of the above images were created on my Galaxy Note III SmartPhone. Images 1, 3, and 4, were drawn in application on the phone with the stylus--Wow!  In just the time it took for me to enjoy a cup of coffee, I completed image No.1.  Image No.2., is actually a photograph taken with my Smartphone and edited with the Photoshop Express and Pic Art Appss that came with my Smartphone.  No longer are artist, designers and developers...  tied to the desk top computer.  Whatever you are eperiencing at the moment you can capture and express it your way in todays digital age.  The experts may say, "kid stuff" and they're probably right--however, as for me it's still "Wow!"  It's not that these images are so fabulous, it is the infinite possibilities of the things that can be done with just a little know how in just a few moments with the "Smartphont(s)" in todays 21st Century.

From the Guardian
 August 30, 2014 

 "... Lovemanís department store on Market Street in Chattanooga closed its doors in 1993 after almost a century in business, another victim of a nationwide decline in downtowns that hollowed out so many US towns. Now the opulent building is buzzing again, this time with tech entrepreneurs taking advantage of the fastest internet in the western hemisphere..."

By: Crystal S Brown
August 30, 2014

Oracle didn't persuade the Federal Appeals Court to reinstate the One point Three ($1.3) Billon Dollar judgement in the copyright infrigment suit against SAP:  However, they'll may take a lesser amount of money, or opt for a new trial...  (Click here to read more).

FROM:  Info World
August 29, 2014

"...Security expert Roger A Grimes offers a guided tour of the latest threats and explains what you can do to stop them in InfoWorld's Malware Deep Dive Report.  Lear how to secure your systes with Info World's Security Central newsletter...."                                                                                                                                                                                               

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